The conference MECHANICA 2024 is composed by 3 parallel events with topics:

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2023
Topics: Applied Mathematics for Mechanics and Engineering, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Machines, Plasma, Fluids, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Control, Biomechanics and Bioengineering, Geology, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Plasticity, Fracture, and Damage Mechanics, Mechanics of Nanomaterials, Computational and Experimental Mechanics, Vibrations, Acoustics, and Noise Control, Manufacturing Processes, Geomechanics and Mechanics of Granular Materials, Electromechanical Systems, Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity, Mechatronics, Transport Phenomena, Biomechanics and Biomaterials, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Mechanics and Transportation Systems, Mechanics for Power and Energy Applications, Mechanics and Sustainability Problems, Applied Physics, Materials Science, Applications, Others

Fluid Mechanics 2023
Topics: Aerodynamics, Boundary layer flow, Materials - Fluids, Fluid structure interaction, Hydrotechnology, Hydrodynamics, Coastal and estuarial modelling, Wave modelling, Industrial applications, Environmental Problems, Air Pollution Problems, Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineering, Fluid Mechanics in Geosciences, Flow visualisation, Biofluids, Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, Waste Management, Environmental protection, Management of living resources, Mathematical models, Management of Rivers and Lakes, Underwater Ecology, Hydrology, Oceanology, Ocean Engineering, Thermodynamics, Energy and Power, Mechanics, Machines, Fluids in Chemistry and in Chemical Engineering, Fluids in Applied Physics, Environmental issues, Energy Management Systems, Optimization Techniques in Fluid Mechanics, Simulation

Heat and Mass Transfer 2023
Topics: Heat and mass transfer, Simulation, Modeling and Experimental Research in heat and mass transfer, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Simulation, Modeling and Experimental Research in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Transport Phenomena, Mathematical Physics problems, Diffusion convection, Conduction problems, Internal Combustion Engines, Combustion, Steam Generators, Thermal Installations, Steam-turbines, Steam-generators, Natural and forced convection, Phase change, Metal casting, Welding, forging and other processes, Heat exchangers, Bio-heat transfer problems, Heat Engineering and Electroscience, Micro and Nano Scale Heat Transfer, Turbulent heat transfer, Heat storage, Electronic cooling, Air pollution modeling, Urban air pollution, Transport emissions, Global and regional studies, Climatology, Indoor pollution, Pollution engineering, Aerosols and particles, Emission of Pollutants from Thermal Engines, Biogenics, agriculture and landfill emissions, Environmental protection, Management of heating resources, Geoscience, Solar Energy, Thermal Applications of Solar Energy, Renewable energy, Industrial applications, Energy applications, Natural resources, Surface/Groundwater resources, Soil and rock properties, Mineral resources, Geological chemistry, Atmospheric chemistry, Health effects, Remote sensing, Waste Management, Solid Waste Processing, Waste pre-treatment, Waste Storage, Waste Compaction, Recycling, Bio-Recycling, Waste Logistics, Water protection, Clean Technologies, Thermal Pollution in Ecosystems, Coastal erosion and sedimentation, Sea protection, Sea Science, Coastal protection, Harbours and marinas protection, Risk analysis, Food contamination, Chemical risk assessment, Alternative Fuels, Social and economic issues

MECHANICA 2024 aims to bring together researchers and scientists from academia, industry, and government laboratories to present new results and identify future research directions in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Materials.


Accepted and Presented papers will appear in a Springer Verlag Volume
Computational Problems in Science and Engineering II
Editors: Nikos E. Mastorakis, Imre J. Rudas, Yuriy S. Shmaliy
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Lectures are uploaded to our Youtube channel after authorization from the speakers.
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